The pandemic has caused an increase in the number of unemployed single mothers!


Single Mothers are ready and willing to get back to work, but the increase in the childcare weekly rates has created a hardship preventing them to return!

The average childcare cost ranges between $150-$200 per week. Majority of the state funded programs such as CAPS have a waiting list, preventing mothers to obtain assistance!

So many single mothers have no other choice other than to care for their kids on fulltime basis decreasing the number of individuals seeking employment. Unemployment is at an all-time high and it’s not because of lack of work, it’s due to lack of childcare resources.

Let’s help the economy by getting single mothers back to work and back on their feet by providing childcare assistance vouchers for startup care.

Our vision is to exhibit the power of love by supporting our sisters in need both internationally and domestically. Your involvement with us is an opportunity for your organization to receive exposure and to join other individuals, organizations, and coalitions in our community to support single mothers and women and promote, create and strengthen community partnerships.

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